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I've eaten so many apples, i'm pissin cider

I got the mic you bring the pit....

30 July
The blade runs smoothly across the skin
Pushin harder it goes down in
It glistens in the moonlight
pushin harder holdin tight
blood runs down pale skin
washin away every sin
wincin at the pain
lookin at the stain
too many scars show
selfesteem so low
starin down at whats been done
thinkin about whos really won
tryin 2 stop the bleedin
the pain it is feedin
Arms n legs completely covered
suficated n smothered
the only way 2 cope
the only piece of hope
The only color visable is red
all emotions and feelins are dead
always goin back and doin more
can neva go back to before
the blade cuts again
blood is spilt again